He started his first business at just four years old in secret providing meals to schools using the profits to build a prison . This was someone who was not just bright and compassionate he could see into the future as well. slowly starting to build up a worldwide empire from TV stations, to supermarkets but nobody new it was him behind them. He went to great lengths to keep it secret living in a small rented flat and working for a few pounds an hour and volunteering for a local charity , catching buses and drinking in pubs,  from the outside this was a man who was poor nobody would believe he was rich because he didn’t live an extravagant lifestyle. He set himself a challenge to experience different aspects of life undercover that everybody else did. First was to sign on, so he arranged with the manager at his local social security office for a giro cheque to be sent to his flat paying upfront the equivalent of what somebody claiming benefits would get and giving the member of staff a bit extra for going along with it. he owned a prison so he needed to stay there to see if the staff were treating the inmates with compassion but the staff couldn’t  no he was the person who owned it as he needed to be treated like any other prisoner was , He built the prison with the aim of offering something different. prisoners would be offered a chance to change there lives on release on the condition they kept out of trouble. whilst in prison they would be offered education, training, and work. he owned companies so he could offer them jobs to. What he found was people had never encouraged them to do anything with there lives before the  schools or even there parents. Having aspirations wasn’t something they understood. just because you grew up on a council estate shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. After all I had  gone through much of what they had the only difference being I didn’t sit playing victim i had set myself a challenge to get rich I was i was sure as hell going to do it. I was asked by a teacher what I wanted to do when I left school, I said to be the richest man in the world and bring peace to northern Ireland and might even be prime minister one day she just laughed. I thought god if the teachers don’t believe the kids can do any good for themselves what chance does everybody have to better themselves. whole generations of kids have been written off by these teachers. I’m going to be the one to prove them all wrong. A teachers job is to inspire the kids your teaching to do as well as they can,  not tell them you wont amount to anything. wouldn’t you get more job satisfaction  from inspiring the kids and tell them they can achieve anything they want if they put there minds to it. wouldn’t it be better seeing the  kids your teaching do well in life after all in  a few years time one of these kids could be running a global organisation, you can say to yourself then I had a hand in that, my teaching inspired that child, but none of them thought like that. Even a social worker told me I cant have you doing well  I need to ruin your life its the only way.( This woman when she found out I was rich  would drug me and  lie to my neighbours about me telling them I had mental illness amongst other things. she conspired with politicians, magistrates and the police to steal the fortune I had built up. Wealth i had built up from scratch and hard graft not given to me on a plate i should be congratulated for that at least, i did it all honestly. My proudest moments have been helping others, many thousands of people across the world  have better lives thanks to me and the money i had.  I approached one of the TV companies i owned in the UK with the idea of giving some money away to good causes, they sent a young girl to come and see me ( she didn’t know i owned the company she worked for) we had a chat she said your not how i expected as i was down to earth, i explained only she knows im wealthy  nobody else does. I told her that i lived on 200 pounds a week and lived in a little flat and that not even my  family new. you mean im the only person knows yes just you nobody else  she said  don’t take this the wrong way  but how the fuck do you manage to be the richest person in the world and keep it to yourself. i said its quite stressful being me.