Scott Preston & Rebecca Jordan will be doing a sponsored parachute jump on 25th of September and wants to raise money for Redditch Heart Safe So they are looking for people to sponsor them so they can raise enough to get at least another defibrillator for a Redditch school.
The parachute jump will take place on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 at 12pm
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SADS kills 270 children each year yet most could be saved by a machine costing less than £1,000

“The machines cost around £970 each and every five years they need to have around £200 spent on them to replace the batteries and the pads which apply the shocks to the heart.

“In America they are already in most schools and public places. Every school and public place has to have a fire extinguisher, which is hardly ever used.

“The argument against defibrillators is that they would not be used often and would need special training.

“Anyone can use them: they are for the non-medically trained and actually speak to the person operating them. You just have to switch them on and apply the pads for the machine to take a reading.

“They won’t shock people who have not had a heart attack. They only operate when the heart is in an irregular rhythm and speak to the operator all the time telling them exactly what to do next. Obviously training is preferable but a total novice could use them with little difficulty to save a life.

“It is not like something off Casualty. These are tiny machines which can be stored on a cupboard shelf, not the trolleys you see trundling down wards on the telly.”

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