The EDL have called on it’s leader to organise a national demo in Redditch.

A number of EDL members have took to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter calling on Tommy Robinson to organise a national demo in Redditch.

The event would see EDL supporters from across the country in Redditch if  the leadership back the plan.

Although the last demo held was on the whole peaceful three local UAF protesters were arrested.

It is hoped that the EDL  don’t make a return to Redditch any time soon.

The policing costs alone would be huge for a national demo as both sides would see large numbers of protesters in the town centre and would see the shops and market losing much needed trade.

The police were praised by residents after the demos on Saturday and the police in turn thanked residents for remaining calm and peaceful.

But at a time when Redditch will see it’s ambulance station closed and stroke and other services moved from the Alex Hospital i think peoples time would be better spent trying to save them.