West Midlands Police Man named as Cedric Brown

ONE of the country’s most wanted men has been arrested by West Midlands Police in a vehicle carjacked from a young mum – and found with her two toddlers still strapped in the back seats.

Police flooded the Slade Road area of Erdington just before 11am yesterday (April 3) following reports of a burglary in progress.

Minutes later three men were spotted running from a suspect getaway car – details of which had been circulated over police airwaves – and chased by officers along Somerset Road.

In an attempt to escape, it’s understood one dragged a female driver out of a Ford Focus and sped away with her one-year-old son and daughter, aged two, secured in their child seats.

However, the man was cornered by police about a mile away and arrested following a violent struggle.

The 44-year-old is currently being interviewed by detectives on suspicion of burglary and robbery.

And he’ll also be questioned about a nasty break-in that occurred in Bristol two years ago – a case which appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch – in which a husband and wife were tied up and slashed with a knife.

West Midlands Police Sergeant Nicholas Barnes, said: “Several police vehicles were in pursuit and the man abandoned the Ford Focus in South Grove where he was arrested by officers who then spotted the toddlers.

“Thankfully, neither of them was hurt and we quickly reunited them with their mum who naturally was extremely relieved.

“Officers responded to calls of the burglary within minutes…the suspects simply didn’t have enough time to get away from the location before they were swamped by police.”

Two other men – a 19-year-old from Perry Common and an 18-year-old from Bromford – were also arrested hiding in an alleyway and are being quizzed over the Slade Road burglary.