The EDL have issued a statement regarding the cancelled Redditch Demonstration

 The EDL statement in full

 Easter is rapidly approaching and many of you will be eager to attend the demonstration in Redditch on Saturday 7th of April.
 The reason Redditch had been chosen as a venue for a protest is that there is evidence of possible Islamic grooming.
 The local press initially publicised it but withdrew the articles when people started to comment.
The problem of Islamic grooming is one that people are finally waking up to.
  People are at last beginning to understand that there is a pattern behind this grooming but there are still people who cling to the belief that it’s not happening or that a certain section of the community is behind it, despite all the evidence to the contrary.
  That is why the English Defence League was to be in Redditch on that Saturday.
 Unfortunately, we have to postpone the demonstration. Many of you will wonder why this has happened and to quell any possible wild rumours we’ve decided to immediately explain exactly why the plug has been pulled on the demo.
  It appears that there is to be a multi-Christian faith event on the same day.  Pastor Jim Hidderley, spokesperson for this event, has spoken with our regional organisers and requested that we postpone our demonstration.
Given that the Easter period is of such significance to Christians, we have agreed. It is this kind of co-operation between the EDL and local communities that goes unreported by the mainstream media.
 We do not intend to cause division or disharmony within local communities, but only to raise awareness about a problem that exists right across the country.
 A problem that cuts across race, culture and communities.  It hurts the very thing that Islam says it stands for – families. We won’t stop highlighting the damaging effects that Islam is having on communities around the country and we will not cease to highlight the numerous cases of Muslim men grooming non-Muslim girls.
 We wish the Christian community of Redditch well for their day on Saturday 7th, and we wish all of Redditch a happy Easter holiday.