A few days ago i was shopping in Morrisons Redditch store  with my eight year old niece who whilst shopping cut herself on something in the store.

So my brother asked if he could have a plaster for her hand, no came the reply, why “were not allowed to give out plasters”

As she was bleeding, my brother went and got some off the shelf and paid for them. The staff member said she was trying to help,my brothers reply was you’re not as you would have given me a plaster.

The staff didn’t make a note of it in the accident book,could this be the reason why they wouldn’t hand over a plaster or is it for health and safety reasons.

I have contacted Morrisons a number of times by email, Facebook,Twitter and even contacted the press office but as yet they have ignored all contact with me.

Morrisons sent me this on March 10th

Thank you for your email,

I was most concerned to hear that your niece has cut herself within our Redditch store; I hope she is now feeling much better.

I would like to look into the matter further, would it be possible to let me know the date the incident happened, the time and where in store please?

Please reply to ————and quote the reference ——–,I can assure you on the receipt of your email the matter will be given my prompt attention.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you


Thank you for sending the information,
I will be investigating the matter further with store and our Health and Safety department within the business and I will be in contact shortly.

Kind regards

Another story earlier this week was the story of a two-year old Redditch girl who was sent home with a fractured arm from the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and told to come back in three days.

The little girls mom was forced to travel to the Birmingham children’s Hospital to get proper treatment for her daughter.

She warned parents to seek a second opinion if you’re not happy as you know your children best.