Former Council Leader Pleads Guilty To Sex offences Against Young Girl 35 years ago

  Pervert “Lord groomed a teenage girl for his own gratification”

The new Leader Adrian Hardman said “absolutely at the lower end of the scale

 Thirty years ago this never would have seen the light of day”

George Lord has admitted three counts of indecent assault which occurred between 1977 and 1979 on a girl aged between 14 and 15.

He had appeared at Birmingham Crown Court for a pre-trial review on the charges but changed his plea to guilty.

Judge Nigel Godsmark adjourned the case for a pre-sentence report to assess the risk Lord poses to women.

He was remanded in custody until the next hearing in April.

The former council leader resigned in November 2010 after allegations were made about inappropriate behaviour towards staff.

Det Insp Jon Wallis, of West Mercia Police, said: “While these two cases were separated by many years, in both George Lord has abused a position of authority.”

The force said that in the first case in the 1970s, Lord was a lay minister of a church who groomed a teenage girl for his own gratification.

In 2010, in his capacity as leader of Worcestershire County Council, he took advantage of a young woman in a junior position, the official added.

“We would like to reassure any other victims of similar offences that if they come forward, West Mercia Police will support them and pursue prosecutions wherever possible, regardless of when the offence took place,” Mr Wallis said.

Three Counts Of Indecent Assault

Worcestershire County Council said that when it told Lord of the allegations in November 2010, he resigned “a matter of days after the incident”.

Councillor Adrian Hardman, current leader of Worcestershire County Council, said: “I can reassure you that appropriate behaviour is expected of everyone at the council. No-one is exempt.”

David Elliott, from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “George Lord used his positions of power and trust as a church minister and later as the leader of Worcestershire County Council to sexually abused vulnerable females.

No-one is exempt.”

“The victims should have been able to expect the highest levels of propriety and integrity from him, however, they were instead exploited for his own personal sexual gratification.”

He praised the courage of the woman who had come forward and reported to the police how Lord abused her 35 years ago.

Fall From Grace

It’s a dramatic fall from grace for Dr Lord who was also a Bromsgrove District councillor.

Lord first made headlines after it emerged he was getting over £70k  in allowances for his roles on Bromsgrove and WCC. But little did we know just what would emerge after the publicity he got for his expenses and allowances.

Hidden under the mask was a vile paedophile who groomed a teenage girl for his own gratification. Credit must be given to the brave people who came forward and reported the crimes that ended in his guilty plea Today.

The new Leader of Worcestershire County Council Councillor Adrian Hardman said in 2010 of the allegations made against George Lord

“absolutely at the lower end” of the scale.

He also remarked: “Thirty years ago this never would have seen the light of day”

Well you were wrong on both counts Adrian Hardman. The Councillor for Bredon claimed.

In the 2010/11 financial year Councillor Hardman raked in a total of £ 33,811.99 in allowances and expenses. 2,907.88 of it was in Travel/ Subsistence.

What happened to being a councillor to serve your community, that’s some miles you have claimed for Adrian.

He also got £4,200.00 for his role as a councillor on Wychavon District Council. and

2,708.60 from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority

£ 33,811.99 Worcestershire County Council

£2,708.60 Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority

£4,200 Wychavon District Council

 Local Government Association – General Assembly (Member)

West Mercia Supplies (Member)

 West Mercia Supplies (Member) WMS is a Purchasing Consortium owned by four member authorities – Herefordshire Council, Shropshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council and Worcestershire County Council.

Declaration of Financial Interests can be found here

more will follow after sentencing on Tuesday April 3rd or Wednesday 4th as the court date is yet to be confirmed.