By Simon Preston Exclusive

Redditch Borough Council elections will see two married couples stand against each other

A husband and wife have announced they will standing against each other in the same election.

Orion and Pam Moon have confirmed they will be standing as independent candidates  in the Lodge Park ward. Although only one seat will be available both will be hoping they win it.

The Church Hill ward will also be contested by  husband and wife Richard and  Isabel Armstrong although two seats are up for grabs here.

Due to the press interest in this article this link has the contact details for the canidates standing in Redditch borough council elections.

In another twist sleaze is making an unwelcome return to Redditch Labour Party

The Former Labour leader of Redditch Borough Council convicted charity fraudster Dave Cartwright signs the nomination papers for the current Labour leader Bill Hartnett  to stand for election in May.

But it says a lot for the morals of the labour party in Redditch when a convicted fraudster can be allowed to sign nomination papers for the group leader.

I hope the people of Redditch won’t allow labour to take the votes of residents for granted in this way and don’t just give them a bloody nose but they boot out every labour coucillor seeking re-election.

The highest standards should be expected by any party or candidate asking for your vote.

The labour party might be happy having a convicted fraudster that stole from a homeless charity around the election campaign but the people shouldn’t.

Bill Hartnett who lives in Bromsgrove dosen’t deserve to be a councillor how can people have faith in him when he shows such serious error of judgement himself.

People have a choice of voting for the cause of the problems or voting for one of the Independent or Green Party candidates.

The Green Party is has  a candidate in every ward in Redditch.

A full list of candidates standing in elections for Redditch Borough Council can be found below