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Man’s Body Found in Redditch

By Simon Preston

A search team of mountain rescue staff assisting police in the hunt for missing 24 year old Joseph Trybuchowicz have found a man’s body in Redditch.

The discovery was made this afternoon (Sunday 4 March) in a wooded area close to Hewell Road, Redditch.

A specialist search team with dogs were looking for the man who was last seen on Thursday afternoon (1 March).

The death is being treated as unexplained and the coroner will be informed. A post mortem examination will take place in due course. The death is not thought to be suspicious.

Sunday 4 March 2012.

Redditch Businessman Fined £1,555

By Simon Preston

Wychavon District Council has secured a successful prosecution following the dumping of business waste.

Mr Gary Waring, 40 (DOB 20.06.69), the owner of Waring properties in Redditch, was fined £750 for an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  He was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and costs of £790 by magistrates in Worcester on Thursday 11 February 2010.

Mr Waring, of 66 Marlpool Road, Redditch, had sold a van that had not been cleaned out – the van still had a quantity of commercial waste from a property that had been refurbished. This waste was later found fly-tipped in a farmer’s gateway near Broadway.

Officers from Wychavon District Council found evidence in the fly-tip that led them to Waring Properties.

The Magistrates were satisfied that Mr Waring had failed in his Duty of Care to dispose of waste properly by leaving commercial waste on a vehicle that was sold, despite the fact that he held a licence for carrying waste.

Councillor Anna Mackison the Council’s portfolio holder for Environmental Services said: “This is a very satisfactory result following a time consuming investigation by Council Officers.  Apart from the fact that this is a criminal offence, Parish Councils, farmers and residents are sick and tired of finding fly-tipping dumped in field gateways, verges and public places.  Ignorance is not a defence in these cases and we take this kind of crime very seriously.”

Residents can report fly-tipping on the hotline 01386 565656.

By Simon Preston Exclusive

Redditch Borough Council elections will see two married couples stand against each other

A husband and wife have announced they will standing against each other in the same election.

Orion and Pam Moon have confirmed they will be standing as independent candidates  in the Lodge Park ward. Although only one seat will be available both will be hoping they win it.

The Church Hill ward will also be contested by  husband and wife Richard and  Isabel Armstrong although two seats are up for grabs here.

Due to the press interest in this article this link has the contact details for the canidates standing in Redditch borough council elections.

In another twist sleaze is making an unwelcome return to Redditch Labour Party

The Former Labour leader of Redditch Borough Council convicted charity fraudster Dave Cartwright signs the nomination papers for the current Labour leader Bill Hartnett  to stand for election in May.

But it says a lot for the morals of the labour party in Redditch when a convicted fraudster can be allowed to sign nomination papers for the group leader.

I hope the people of Redditch won’t allow labour to take the votes of residents for granted in this way and don’t just give them a bloody nose but they boot out every labour coucillor seeking re-election.

The highest standards should be expected by any party or candidate asking for your vote.

The labour party might be happy having a convicted fraudster that stole from a homeless charity around the election campaign but the people shouldn’t.

Bill Hartnett who lives in Bromsgrove dosen’t deserve to be a councillor how can people have faith in him when he shows such serious error of judgement himself.

People have a choice of voting for the cause of the problems or voting for one of the Independent or Green Party candidates.

The Green Party is has  a candidate in every ward in Redditch.

A full list of candidates standing in elections for Redditch Borough Council can be found below


Man’s Body Found in Redditch

A search team of mountain rescue staff assisting police in the hunt for missing 24 year old Joseph Trybuchowicz have found a man’s body in Redditch.

The discovery was made this afternoon (Sunday 4 March) in a wooded area close to Hewell Road, Redditch.

A specialist search team with dogs were looking for the man who was last seen on Thursday afternoon (1 March).

The death is being treated as unexplained and the coroner will be informed. A post mortem examination will take place in due course. The death is not thought to be suspicious.

Issued on Sunday 4 March 2012.

  Concern As Man Goes Missing From Redditch


                               Joseph Trybuchowicz who has gone missing from Redditch.

Police are concerned for the welfare of  a  24-year-old man who has gone missing from Redditch and are appealing for help to trace him.

Joseph Trybuchowicz was last seen by his father, who he lives with, at his home in Lime Tree Close, Batchley, at 3pm on Thursday, 1 March. He went out and was reported missing shortly after 9pm  (Friday)  when he failed to return.

Mr Trybuchowicz  is described as vulnerable and has been suffering from depression. He has family  in the Church Hill area of Redditch and also at Wythall but has not contacted them. Police are not aware of any friends or associates he may be staying with and are concerned for his welfare.

Officers, including dog handlers, have searched his neighbourhood and surrounding woodland, and the force helicopter has also been involved.

Mr Trybuchowicz left his home on foot and does not have access to his own transport. He is white but of Mediterranean appearance, around 5ft 6inches in height with short, black hair and a thin to medium build. He speaks with an English accent. When last seen he was wearing dark clothing. 

 Sergeant Ben Hembry of West Mercia Police said: “He has not gone missing before so this is completely out of character for him. His mobile phone has been switched off since yesterday morning (Friday) and we are concerned for his welfare. I would urge him to contact his family or the police so that we can establish that he is safe and we are appealing for anyone who has or thinks they have seen him, or knows where he is now, to contact us as a matter of urgency.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 0300 333 3000, quoting the incident reference 672-S-020312.

In order to understand everything you will need to read the links


The DWP will be rounding up unemployed 18 to 21 year olds on Monday and putting them on coaches for a jobs fair in Reddich

By Simon Preston

New College Redditch will be hosting a youth employment event on Monday, March 5th.

The mandatory event will see unemployed 18 to 21 year olds in Bromsgrove and Redditch having to attend

MWA will be mandatory for all customers who are referred. There is no voluntary access to MWA.

Documents i have seen show providers will get extra money during Jan,Feb, and March to sign people up. Funding is available for a maximum of 3000 additional referrals in total

Coaches will be running to provide free transport for those traveling, to ensure that all Jobseekers can attend.

A number of education providers and partners will exhibit stands at the event, along with local employers including Connexions, JHP, BARN, Poundland, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust and the Army.

It is being held at Redditch New College Campus, where there will also be information on apprenticeships.

The DWP will be rounding up unemployed 18 to 21 year olds on Monday and putting them on coaches for a jobs fair in Reddich.

Tesco, Poundland,and McDonald’s must be short of free labour as that’s where they will all be Tuesday Morning all working for free on so-called Voluntary Work Activity, Mandatory Work Activity, or Workfare It all means the same thing working for free or lose your benefit.

Have you ever wondered why a jobs fair is taking place? At certain times of the year Job Centre Plus will have what they call a trailblazer, this is where they pay extra money to providers of meaningless training Courses to get the numbers up taking part.

A training provider gets a bonus payment for every extra unemployed person they get on an unpaid work placement or training, but only during the trailblazer period.

This is on top of the payments they already get, so all hands will be on deck during the extra Provider Referral and Payment system (PRaP). (Bonus Payment period )

It is in effect State sponsored  Slavery or as the Prime Minister would call it  “work activity”

Then after the slave labour story broke it’s been changed and any reference of Mandatory has been replaced with required and Voluntary. See link Page 6

Page 7 of the same link it gives details of the Financial incentives per participant, year one, by participant group they range from £3,800 – £13,700

MWA will be mandatory for all customers who are referred. There is no voluntary access to MWA.

A trailblazer will run from 23rd January 2012 to 31 March 2012 in 5 districts across 3 CPAs. Funding is available for a maximum of 3000 additional referrals in total. A unique PRaP opportunity number is open to trailblazer referring offices only, until 16 March, to enable all trailblazer starts by 31 March 2012.

The sanction regime for MWA is a 13 week sanction for the first offence followed by a further 26 week sanction for a second offence within 12 months. Once sanctioned, a customer will not be referred back to complete Balance of Time. However, if the JCP Adviser decides it is appropriate a new referral to MWA could be made at any point following the sanction decision.

A young man who contacted me after he attended the jobs fair said, I was recently sent on a mandatory job fair at the local college as part JSA, when I arrived the ‘Next Step’ advisor after reviewing my CV said ‘You have a very healthy CV, I don’t think we’ll have anything at this fair to help you any further.’

This is what happens when MP’s don’t read the documents on laws they voted for.

9 March 2012 – DWP Statement on A4e fraud allegation

This week we have been made aware of an allegation of attempted fraud in relation to a Mandatory Work Activity contract with A4e. We have begun a formal, immediate investigation of this allegation.

As a result of this new allegation DWP has immediately commenced its own independent audit of all our commercial relationships with A4e. We have required A4e to make available all documentation which our auditors may require and provide full access to interview any A4e employees. This is separate from the independent review of internal controls which A4E has previously announced.

The Chief Executive of A4e was informed of this at a meeting with a senior DWP official earlier today.

We have made it absolutely clear to A4e that we take this matter very seriously, and that if at any point during the audit or thereafter we find evidence of systemic fraud in DWP’s contracts with A4e we will not hesitate to immediately terminate our commercial relationship.

Sometimes laws look good on paper but not in practice as highlighted below.

“Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity. This is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations, which will apply if JSA participants are not mandated.”

Not content with lying through their teeth about workfare, it now seems that Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith are attempting to rewrite government documents to cover it up


The guidance given to providers of Mandatory Work Activity can be found here and here.

CPA CPA Name Preferred Bidder
CPA1 South East A4e
CPA2 South West Rehab Group
CPA3 London Seetec
CPA4 East of England Seetec
CPA5 East Midlands Ingeus
CPA6 West Midlands ESG
CPA7 North West JHP Group
CPA8 Yorkshire and Humber BEST
CPA9 North East Ingeus
CPA10 Scotland JHP Group
CPA11 Wales Rehab Group

Some of the information the DWP give out on people claiming benefits may well find themselves in breach of the Data Protection Act.

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Should you feel personal information has been revealed by the DWP you can make a complaint to the The Information Commissioner’s Office here

The data privacy for individuals.

The letter sent to all providers


Pledging your support for the Youth Contract

Building on existing youth employment and work experience programmes, and with the addition of wage subsidies, we believe the new Youth Contract has the best possible chance of making a real difference for young people.

Leading up to the launch in April, Government Ministers and officials will be talking about the Youth Contract to a wide range of stakeholders including small and medium sized employers, voluntary sector organisations and Work Programme providers.

Raising awareness of the key features – apprenticeships, work experience, and wage incentives – will help get the Youth Contract off to the best possible start.

We welcome your support in this, and would really appreciate it if you would publicly pledge your support through  DWP will keep in touch with employers who sign up pledge their support to provide updates on the Youth Contract in the coming weeks, and explain how to notify us of current Work Experience or Apprenticeship placements they are looking to fill.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely

Derek French

unemployed people recruited for care in the community

The UK’s jobless figures continue to rise and many unemployed people may feel that they have no chance of finding a job, but there are opportunities out there for those who might consider retraining.

As part of the Government’s overall ‘Get Britain Working’ measures Droitwich Spa training company Train2Succeed has been chosen to participate in the strategy. As a recognised centre for training excellence in the health and social care sector, it continues to gain momentum and a string of professional accreditations and accolades to prove it.

In conjunction with the Association of Care Trainers and local Job Centre Plus, Train2Succeed is rolling-out a series of unemployment courses and job fairs throughout South and North Worcestershire. Venues include Droitwich, Kidderminster and Redditch and Worcester. The events have been devised to attract job seekers to consider employment opportunities in the health and social care sector.

People that have been unemployed for more than 12 weeks that are over 19 years of age are eligible to participate in the scheme. If they wish to commit to the programme they will be given an intensive 7 day training course. At the end of the session, if successful, they will attain a City & Guilds Accredited Qualification Preparing to work in the Health and Social Care Sector Level 1 and would have had the opportunity to meet potential employers and in some cases to try work experience .

Train2Succeed’s director and founder Sue Rickwood is naturally proud that her centre has been chosen to support and drive the initiative and undertake the training. The health and social care sector desperately needs an influx of dedicated and highly trained people committed to providing quality care for the elderly.

Mrs Rickwood said: “We think our role is much more about delivering the training for those who wish to work in the health and social care sector although that is really important. The UK’s aging population is continually growing as we are living longer. Sustaining levels of quality care is so important. Imagine our anxiety when loved ones experience poor levels of care from people that are untrained, unprofessional and often unfeeling.

“Caring is such a wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding career where there are so many opportunities for people to develop through training and experience, but it’s like any career choice, you have to be equipped with the right skills to enable you to succeed.”

Train2Succeed provide a wide range of health and social care courses for employees and employers in the nursing home, nursing agency and learning disability sectors. It prides itself on its success delivering introductory to advanced level qualifications.

Mrs Rickwood continued: “Interestingly the first event we held in early February at our Droitwich training centre we had a higher proportion of male candidates enlisting in the programme. This sets a precedent as traditionally caring is a career choice more favoured by females. We are excited that we have we been chosen to lead this initiative but more importantly we feel we are helping to nurture and influence a more positive attitude towards the provision of providing quality care for our community which starts in the classroom.” Only unemployed people can take part soTrain2Succeed can get payments for them.

Courses offered by Train2Succeed

Only people that have been unemployed for more than 12 weeks that are over 19 years of age are eligible to participate in the scheme so Train2Succeed can take full advantage of the payments the government offer to get unemployed signed up on courses

Autism Awareness
Basic First Aid
Basic Food Hygiene awareness
Catheter Care & Management New
Challenging Behaviour
CIEH Accredited Food Safety in Catering
CIEH Accredited Healthier Foods & Special Diets
Common Illnesses & Diseases in a Health Care Setting
Communication Skills
Continence Care
Diabetes Awareness
Emergency First Aid (HSE) approved
End of Life Care
Epilepsy Awareness
Equality & Diversity
First Aid at Work Certificate (HSE approved)
Health & Safety including Fire awareness
Infection Control
Infection Control for Managers New
Introduction to Safe Medication EDI accredited course
Lone Working
Management of Violence & Aggression
Mental Capacity Act including Deprivation of Liberty (DOLS)
Moving & Handling Train the Trainer
Moving & Handling Train the Trainer refresher
Non-People Moving & Handling
Nutrition in Older People New
Person Cenred Planning
Preparing to Work in the Care Sector New
Recording Skills & Defensible Documentation New
Risk Assessment
Safe Handling of Medication
Safe Moving & Handling
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults for Managers
Sensory Impairment
Skills for Care – Common Induction Standards New from May 2011
Staff Supervision & Appraisal New

Telling lies, the DWP and Councils use Voice risk analysis (VRA) to detect if your claim for benefit is fraudulent

Links that will be of use

Provider Referral and Payment system (PRaP).

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