High Cost Packages of Care Team and Project Co-ordinator. (Temporary until March 2013) Job Details

Reference OP1018

35 hours per week £18,559 – £20,354 per annum County Hall, Worcester
The project for High Cost Packages of Care involves the identification of cases that cost the authority a significant amount, a review of the services and costs associated with the placement and where appropriate a re-negotiation of these costs. A small team will carry out this work consisting of a Social Worker, Administrator, Financial Analyst and a Negotiator. The Administrator will provide support to the team and co-ordinate the overall process. The Social Worker will detail which cases are to be progressed and the co-ordinator will ensure appropriate communication with service users, carers and the families involved is carried out, send written communication to providers in a timely manner, follow this up to ensure it has been received and understood, and provide a single point of contact for all providers to address their queries.
Once cases have moved from analysis and been passed to the Negotiator the Administrator will set appointments with the provider and the negotiator (and Social Worker if necessary). The Administrator will need to ensure all communication, calls and contact, are recorded as an audit for each case and also maintain a chronological record for each case to provide regular reports detailing where it is in the process.
In addition to being meticulous in their recording the Administrator will need to be robust in their dealings with providers, in terms of gaining commitment from them for meetings/responses, following the outlined process firmly and being prepared for resistance to this and the likely consequence of difficult communications with providers.
For Internal candidates this is a secondment opportunity, please seek your managers approval before applying.
Enquiries/ Forms: Apply on line at http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/jobs or please phone (01905) 765765 Closing Date: 9th March 2012 Interview Date: 19th March 2012
“We regret that this vacancy is subject to restrictions i.e. to minimise compulsory redundancies, applications from existing employees will be considered and processed prior to any applications from external candidates. It is stressed that you should still apply as normal, since if we are unable to find a suitable internal candidate we will then look at the other applications we have received, rather than re-advertise the job. For existing employees certain protections may apply in relation to hours per week.”