Wapple Wins lanmark case against Apple

By Francis Rey
Wapple has triumphed against Apple in a trademark battle and walked away with the right to use its marque.

The two companies have been at it for 5 years now, which started when Apple filed a lawsuit against Wapple for allegedly riding on its popularity and exploiting the closeness in name after the release of iPhone.

Wapple defended itself, saying that its name usage started since 2003 and derived from WAP, the wireless application protocol.

The company added that iPhone’s release did not affect its use of the associated name since it began long before the handset came into fruition.

“We are overjoyed with the result and incredibly proud. The case is a victory for truth over tactics. Self-belief is always critical when establishing and growing any technology business and even more so when you are early to market as we were,” said Anne Thomas, COO of Wapple. “The action taken by Apple Inc. to oppose our trade mark has tested our resolve and we are delighted with this outcome.”

wapple triumphs against apple in brand name battle Wapple Triumphs Against Apple in Brand Name Battle

 “Delighted with this outcome”