By Simon Preston

The Leader of  Redditch Borough Council Carol Gandy said some of it could be used towards helping young people.

Residents will now meet with local groups, charities, the public sector and businesses to ensure the money is used to fund sustainable and vital projects over the next decade.

Funds could be allocated to social projects or training schemes where money can be reinvested in the community.

Each community was chosen as it has been affected by issues such as unemployment and has struggled to get financial support.

Seven communities in the West Midlands are among 50 in England to be awarded £1 million each in a Big Lottery Fund scheme.

The funding is part of the Lottery’s £200 million Big Local initiative, which gives residents the chance to decide how money is spent in their areas.

John Taylor, head of the West Midlands region, said: “This funding scheme is going to put residents in these areas at the heart of decision making and give them a real say in how to improve their local area.

“But more than that it’s going to strengthen these communities and help local people to build on their skills and experience so that they can continue to work together to overcome challenges, address local problems, and make a positive difference in their communities over the next ten years, and beyond.”

The scheme is being managed by the Local Trust organisation, which will support residents in making funding decisions.

Debbie Ladds, chief executive of the trust, said: “Big Local is an exciting community initiative working with residents, community groups and others in the Big Local areas across England to help them make their area an even better place to live. Local Trust will work with communities and a range of partner organisations to help them identify what matters most to them, and to take action to change things for the better.”

Leader of  Redditch Borough Council Carol Gandy said some of it could be used towards helping young people.

She said: “Now we can do some work on the ground with young people there and follow through on projects we have put on the back burner.”

Plans to rebuild the estate’s shopping centre are already in place.

Ms Gandy said: “Church Hill is an area that has had problems with anti-social behaviour.

“The money gives us opportunity to work alongside other agencies and ensure the people living there get some good youth activities and improved quality of life.”

Karen Lumley MP for Redditch County,  said she was extremely pleased to hear that £1 million will be invested into Church Hill in Redditch over a period of ten years as part of Big Local, a groundbreaking long-term Lottery programme to achieve lasting change in 150 small areas across England.

“ I am excited by the announcement from the Big Lottery Fund that there will be such a huge investment into Redditch over the coming years.

I am most enthusiastic about the fact that funding and support to the area will be delivered by the Local Trust, a new independent organisation set up by the Community Development Foundation and its consortium partners to run Big Local.

Local Trust will work closely with local residents so that they can have a real say into what issues should be a priority for funding.

The aim is to empower local people to improve the places in which they live in a sustainable and innovative way.

This is great news for the residents of Church Hill and is a fantastic opportunity for local local groups, charities, the public sector and local businesses and residents to work together for a brighter future in Redditch.”

My thoughts on the Lottery Funding for Church Hill

when i first heard of the news of  the Lottery funding i thought Church Hill needs the investment then alarm bells rang when i heard Redditch Borough Council were involved.

I think  they should of had the £1Million in one go rather than dribs and drabs over ten years as a lot of it will be eaten up with employing council officers with community cohesion in the job title.

The County Council got £900,000 to help disadvantaged families and the first thing they said was they plan to use it employing a team of ‘Trouble-Shooters’

The same thing will happen here.

I can see the Council re-writing it’s press release as we speak avoiding the words community cohesion .