Police arrived in numbers with a hundred bailiffs to enforce a court order to evict the protest camp at St Paul’s Cathedral after legal action by the City of London Corporation.
‘Mr Justice Lindblom had said the City’s action was “lawful and justified”.
But lawyers for the protesters said the City’s action was “more extreme and more draconian than was necessary”.
Occupy London group, which has been campaigning against corporate greed, set up the camp outside the cathedral, their first in the capital, on 15 October.
The local authority sought a possession order from the court after the group ignored an order to clear its tents from the public highway.

The corporation said in a statement on its website that it has “begun to enforce the High Court orders for the removal of the tents and equipment outside St Paul’s”.

It went on: “We regret that it has come to this but the High Court Judgment speaks for itself and the Court of Appeal has confirmed that Judgment.

“High Court enforcement officers employed by the City of London Corporation are undertaking the removal with the police present to ensure public safety and maintain order. We would ask protesters to move on peaceably.

“The City of London Corporation is ensuring vulnerable people are being helped and supported to find appropriate accommodation in partnership with Broadway, a charity for the homeless. See notes below for more information.”

The High Court found in favour of the City of London Corporation in the case against the camp on January 18, 2012.