How many people might get fooled by this email from (Don’t contact this email Address) you should contact your branch directly.

I don’t even have an account with Santander So the fraudsters behind this haven’t got hold of a memory stick left on a train and want you to fill the gaps they don’t have any information so don’t give them any.

They just think that if they send enough emails someone will have an account with Santander and reply to the email.

If it was from Santander they would at least have your name

Don’t be the victim of online fraud.

Dear Santander Online Banking customer,
Sensitive areas on your Online Banking has been limited due to a mismatch of password between your account(s) information. To enable you continue accessing your account(s) online, you will have to update your account(s) information and this will only take you few minutes to complete. Click Hereand follow the direction to instant removal       of restrictions placed on your account(s), and verify your identity.
Important Notice: You are strictly advised to match your       account(S) information correctly to avoid service denial, failure to do so will result in immediate account(s) suspension for security reasons.

Yours Sincerely, Santander Online Banking Helpdesk. Online Banking Security Team.