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We’re trying to collect 100,000 signatures, and could really use your help by signing the petition Paper petitions are also availiable for people to sign and will be handed in to parliament sometime  in June.
In Redditch the Oast House Public House, Paper Mill Drive,Church Hill have copies.

PARENTS of a teenage girl who died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) have donated lifesaving equipment to another Redditch school.

Lifesaving defibrillation equipment has been donated to Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre by Robert Underwood and Margaret Prentice, from Redditch, in memory of their daughter Charlotte Marie Prentice Underwood who passed away from SADS in December 2010, aged just 16.

Her parents have worked tirelessly to back SADS UK’s campaign to put lifesaving defibrillators into all schools.

Arrow Vale Community High School has already benefitted from their generosity and the couple are keen for Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre to also have this lifesaving equipment in place.

Redditch MP Karen Lumley attended recent defibrillator training carried out by the West Midlands Ambulance Service and Mrs Lumley said she was keen to see defibrillators in place in more schools in the area.

A defibrillator is the only piece of equipment that will restore the heart rhythm. If a person goes into cardiac arrest it is crucial that the person is administered a therapeutic shock delivered by the defibrillator as quickly as possible. This gives the person the best chance of survival. The Automated External Defibrillator is easy to use by the layperson, providing voice prompts to the rescuer.

The charity SADS UK supports research into SADS and cardiac equipment in the community to help save lives.

Anne Jolly, Founder of SADS UK, the Ashley Jolly SAD Trust, said: “Robert and Margaret have been dedicated to raising funds to make lifesaving defibrillators available in schools in memory of their daughter Charlotte.

“SADS UK are pleased that Trinity High School will benefit from having a defibrillator on the premises to restart the heart if a pupil or person on the premises suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.”

Any schools wishing for more information on how to get a defibrillator and training should call Anne Jolly at SADS UK on 01277 811215, e-mail, or see

The cardiac charity SADS UK believe schools must have defibrillators.

In an emergency the immediate delivery of a therapeutic defibrillation shock to a pupil, teacher or visitor to the school will give them the best possible chance of survival.

It is likely that children with undiagnosed heart conditions exist within the school population.

As many as 1 in 500 hundred children may suffer from cardiomyopathy, also conditions such as Long QT, Brugada, CPVT and Wolf Parkinson White Syndromes. The first sign of one of these conditions can be sudden cardiac arrest. Sports activities can exacerbate cardiac problems. Blunt blows to the chest, such as that of a football or rugby ball can cause Commotio cordis, resulting in cardiac arrest. Other factors besides heart disease and heart attack can cause cardiac arrest; they include:- Respiratory arrest, Electrocution, Choking, Trauma. Please sign and share this to everyone in your address book, Help Save Lives. SADS UK created a petition: UK Government : Bring forward a strategy to ensure that all schools have defibrillators, because the cardiac charity SADS UK cares deeply about this very important issue. We’re trying to collect 100,000 signatures, and could really use your help.

Paper petitions are also availiable for people to sign and will be handed in to parliament sometime  in June.

In Redditch the Oast House Public House, Paper Mill Drive,Church Hill have copies

Paper petitions are also availiable for people to sign and will be handed in to parliament sometime  in June.

In Redditch the Oast House Public House, Paper Mill Drive,Church Hill have copies

10-years jail for frenzied attack on gay couple

A DRINKER who launched a frenzied attack on a gay couple who popped into his local pub – leaving one needing reconstructive facial surgery – has been jailed for 10 years.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court today (Feb 24) took less than an hour to find Ben Martin (pictured) guilty of the homophobic attack at the Lady Westminster in Olton Boulevard East, Acocks Green, last May.

CCTV footage showed Martin, who lived close to the pub, kicking one of his victims in the face and leaving him with a shattered jaw and a fracture that ran from his chin to his eye socket.

The 30-year-old required extensive surgery but is expected to eventually make a full recovery; his 21-year-old partner suffered cuts and bruises and had teeth knocked out during the assault.

Martin denied wounding with intent – however he is now beginning a 10-year prison sentence after the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict on the charge.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Surinder Nota, said: “This was a vicious assault and one which was motivated by homophobia; one of his victims suffered very serious injuries but thankfully he is well on the road to recovery.

“Hate crime will not be tolerated in the West Midlands by our communities, the courts or the police. This is a very strong sentence which rightly reflects the gravity of the attack.”

The court heard how Martin began hurling insults and homophobic taunts at the couple and their family on the evening of Friday May 27 and, when the pair left, he followed them outside.

The older man – who was living in Acocks Green at the time of the incident – was shoved to the ground and then kicked in face. Surgeons later inserted metal plates into the man’s face in order to realign broken bones.

Local enquiries by detectives in the weeks after the attack led to information suggesting Martin had been involved in a fight – he was arrested on September 1 and charged with wounding and assault.
DC Nota, added: “Martin was part of a group of men numbering four or five individuals – they were involved to a much lesser extent with Martin the lead aggressor. He was described in court as the ‘ring leader’.

“He admitted punching the couple but denied kicking one of them in the face which delivered the most serious injuries – however his actions were caught on CCTV camera footage.
“Martin also denied his actions were prompted by homophobia but witnesses describe him hurling a barrage of insults at the pair and also making offensive gestures.”

Redditch police say they suspect a recent arson attack on a local mosque was a hate crime.


Fire-fighters tackled a small fire at the front door of the mosque on Jinnah Road, at about 10.20pm on January 24.

No one was injured and there was no major damage to the building, which is yet to be fully built. The boards covering the entrance to the mosque were set alight.

Police said they were treating the incident as arson.

An investigation is now underway and officers said the exact circumstances surrounding the fire were not yet known.

Police officers are appealing for any witnesses who may have been in the area at the time of the fire to come forward.

Redditch Local Policing Inspector Ian Joseph told The Muslim News: “When criminal damage is caused to religious premises our first thought is to consider if it was a racially or religiously motivated crime. While we have no evidence on this occasion, it is likely that this is the case.”

“The mosque on Jinnah Road is still being built and is some way from completion so damage was minimal. We are keen to see it being completed and brought into use as this should significantly reduce the risk of further incidents of this nature.

“We enjoy a close relationship with members of the mosque committee and have been offering security advice to them concerning the building. We have also been providing additional patrols in the vicinity of the mosque to deter further incidents.

“Anyone caught offending in this way will be dealt with accordingly and could face a prison sentence.”

Abdul Rahim, from the Redditch Mosque Trust, paid tribute to the way the police had dealt with incidents of vandalism over the 10-year life of the project.

Worcester Man Jailed For Abusing Two Young Girls

A man from Worcester has been sentenced to eight years in prison for the sustained abuse of two young girls in the 1980s and 1990s.

William Page, aged 47 of Stallard Road, Worcester, was found guilty of 10 counts of indecent assault at Hereford Crown Court on 25 January.

The offences occurred between 1985 and 1995 and were committed against one girl aged between seven and 11, and a second girl between the ages of 10 and 14. They all occurred in Worcester and Kidderminster.

Page was sentenced at Hereford Crown Court yesterday to eight years imprisonment by Judge Pearce-Higgins. He was also served with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and will be a registered sexual offender for an indefinite period.

Detective Sergeant Michael Patz of the Worcester Public Protection Unit, who was the supervising officer for the case, said: “Page targeted two young girls over a number of years and sexually abused them without conscience.

“Perhaps he though he had got away with it, so I would like to thank his victims for coming forward many years later and then persevering with their support of our prosecution throughout a difficult and sensitive case.”

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