Police Community Fund Helps Redditch Man

A police charity has helped an elderly Redditch man, whose fence was being vandalised.

The resident of Greenlands needed new fence panelling after problems with youths repeatedly kicking it.

Local Policing Officer PC Nigel Bennett made a successful application to the Police Community Fund for £300 to pay for new panels and repairs.

PC Bennett said: “We are really pleased to have been able to help the victim.

“The fence is now stronger and more secure, which will give him peace of mind.

“We have also arranged for Redditch Borough Council to plant prickly bushes on the grassy area on the other side of the fence to keep people away from it. ”

The resident said: “I was very surprised but very grateful when the police came up with the money. I really appreciate it.”

The Police Community Fund is a registered charity, which helps victims of crime, in particular those who are most vulnerable or are in greatest need, as well as community organisations.

The Fund is funded by voluntary contributions and proceeds of sales of seized property.