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Police Community Fund Helps Redditch Man

A police charity has helped an elderly Redditch man, whose fence was being vandalised.

The resident of Greenlands needed new fence panelling after problems with youths repeatedly kicking it.

Local Policing Officer PC Nigel Bennett made a successful application to the Police Community Fund for £300 to pay for new panels and repairs.

PC Bennett said: “We are really pleased to have been able to help the victim.

“The fence is now stronger and more secure, which will give him peace of mind.

“We have also arranged for Redditch Borough Council to plant prickly bushes on the grassy area on the other side of the fence to keep people away from it. ”

The resident said: “I was very surprised but very grateful when the police came up with the money. I really appreciate it.”

The Police Community Fund is a registered charity, which helps victims of crime, in particular those who are most vulnerable or are in greatest need, as well as community organisations.

The Fund is funded by voluntary contributions and proceeds of sales of seized property.

Children ‘Risking Their Lives’ On Redditch Pond Ice

Councillor Juliet Brunner  Blames Dancing On Ice

Police are warning youngsters that they are risking their lives by playing on pond ice at Redditch.

The warning follows calls from concerned residents who have reported seeing children on frozen water at Arrow Valley Lake and Matchborough Pond.

In one incident late on Wednesday afternoon (8 February) officers ordered children off the ice at Matchborough pond after seeing two of them standing on it. One of them was hitting the frozen surface with a large stick.

Local Policing Officer Paul Kennedy said: “Our officers spotted four of five children aged between 9 and 12 at the pond and two of them were actually on the ice. Sections of it had melted and the consequences could have been fatal if any of them had fallen in.

“They were all taken home to their parents and safety advice given. Our Community Support Officers have also been taking the same messages into local schools during the current spell of icy weather.

“The ice may look enticing but is a potential death trap and if someone fell in they wouldn’t survive very long in the current freezing conditions. It’s impossible for people to know how thick the ice is and quite apart from the temperature people don’t know what’s under it. Even in the shallower areas they could get sucked into the silt and sludge on the bottom or become trapped by other objects underneath the surface.

“No-one has slipped in yet but as temperatures rise it will start to thaw and become even more dangerous.”

Councillor Juliet Brunner, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety with Redditch Borough Council added: “I would urge everyone to keep safe and stay well away from the ice.”

“Televised shows such as Dancing On Ice may add to the temptation but youngsters must realise just how dangerous these frozen surfaces can be. The last thing we want is to end up dragging a body out of the pond.”