Conviction for dog fouling

A Redditch resident has been convicted by Redditch Magistrates for failing to pay a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice for dog fouling.

Lisa Jones, 43 years, of Brinklow Close, Matchborough West, was fined a total of £447.70 inclusive of legal costs after she pleaded guilty to allowing a dog to defecate on designated land and being a person in charge of the dog failing to remove faeces.

Magistrates heard that in October 2011 an Environmental Services Enforcement Officer on patrol in the car park of Washford Lane Sports Field saw a black and white Spaniel dog defecate on the footpath and grass verge at the side of the footpath in the field. The owner of the dog was subsequently identified to be Lisa Jones. The Officer eventually returned to the house and spoke to Lisa Jones. A £50 Fixed Penalty Notice was issued for the offence but she failed to pay the penalty within the fourteen days allowed resulting in this Court action.

A spokesperson for Redditch Borough Council said: “Dog fouling is not only unpleasant and anti-social, it is dangerous if not cleared. In some cases children and adults have been infected with Toxocara eggs and suffered from Toxocariasis which is an unpleasant illness. Above all it is avoidable if dog owners act responsibly.

“The simplest way of dealing with dog excrement is to scoop it up, put in a plastic bag and place it in a dog waste/litter bin, or take it home and dispose of it, wrapped up, in your domestic refuse. Although Enforcement Officers are proactive in Redditch, we do appreciate information from the public which helps us detect offences. Together we can keep Redditch a safer place for everyone.”

Anybody wishing to report incidents of dog fouling can speak in confidence to Enforcement Officers on (01527) 64252 ext. 3099.

Lisa Jones did not make an appearance before Redditch Magistrates Court on Tuesday 17th of January 2012 but pleaded guilty by post. She was fined £100, Ordered to pay victim surcharge in the sum of £15 and costs in the sum of £332.70 making a total of £447.70. A collection order was made. The total fine to be paid at the rate of £10 per week. Their Worships gave Lisa Jones credit in the sum of £80 for an early guilty plea before trial.

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