Workers go bananas at boss

Workers who were made redundant in Redditch are believed to be behind a stunt that left a lorry load of bananas  on the bosses drive.

The rotten fruit was left on his drive sometime in the early hours of Wednesday January 18th.

He said i think one of the people i had  let go due to a drop in orders is behind it but im not sure where they got them all from.

It may have come from the Evesham or Birmingham area as it would have to be a  wholesalers for that amount of fruit.

I woke up on Wednesday morning went to put the kettle on and saw a huge pile of bananas half way up the kitchen window and all over the drive.

I thought i must be dreaming at first  i think someone is trying to make a point that i am bananas making job losses but i had no choice.

It’s all cleaned up now but  it took about six hours as i had to jet wash the drive and windows.