Stones Thrown At Buses In Redditch

Police in Redditch are appealing for witnesses and information following a number of incidents of stones being thrown at buses in the Winyates and Church Hill areas.

The latest incident which happened at 4.30pm on Saturday, 14 January, resulted in a brick coming very close to a female passenger who had an infant sat on her lap. A brick smashed a large window on the side of the bus which will cost around £1,200 to replace.

Sergeant Neil Billingham from Redditch North East Local Policing Team said:” The incidents have been going on for some time at different locations along the bus lane route but after an initiative we ran last November they stopped.

“The initiative was stopped in the New Year but as incidents of stone throwing have started again it has had to be re-activated.”

The initiative involves officers (some in uniform and some in plain clothes) travelling on various buses around the town to offer reassurance and to prevent the incidents happening in the first place. It has proved successful and a number of arrests have been made.

Sgt Billingham added: “We take the matter very seriously and anyone caught throwing items at moving buses may well face the very serious charge of criminal damage where life is endangered. This could mean facing a prison sentence.

“We would appeal to those responsible to think about their actions. What they may perceive as fun can often have serious consequences. Apart from the financial cost, the most recent broken window was very near to a young mother with an infant in her arms and could have lead to them being seriously injured.”

A bus driver who asked not to be named said ” drivers will refuse to work at night in Redditch if it continues, we had problems a couple of years ago with kids throwing stones at buses then it seemed to calm down 

Someone could be killed if a driver lost control i think bosses will look again at running at night.”

Witnesses or anyone with information should contact Sgt Billingham on 0300 333 3000, quoting incident 474-S-140112, or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.