Aircraft causing a stir in Worcester

Look out of your window, good people of Worcester. See the aviation contrail which seems to be going around in a circle? Well, that’s the aircraft’s third pass this morning and no, we don’t know what it’s all about either

It could be a Military training exercise

Military aircraft responsible for ‘drone’

MILITARY training exercises linked to “current operational theatres” have been revealed as the source of the latest mystery aircraft noise heard above Worcestershire – and they will carry on for the forseeable future.

Defence chiefs have revealed the droning engines reported by residents in Kempsey, Powick and south Worcester over the past few months are down to two aircraft carrying out “essential training”.

The C-130 Hercules transport plane and a Britten Norman Islander are of the same aircraft type which caused a series of complaints last summer, which the Ministry of Defence also explained as training.

In a letter to Peter Luff, Mid-Worcestershire MP, under secretary of state for defence Kevan Jones apologised for the latest disturbances caused by the planes but said they were “part of essential training over the Worcester area”.

“The aircraft are not breaching air regulations,” he said.

“The activity is linked to current operational theatres and this will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Mr Jones said the aircraft were flying within an area designated as low flying zone 4 which covers part of south Worcestershire and were not breaching regulations as they kept above 2,000ft.

Mr Jones said the Hercules had been flying above 20,000ft. Although the smaller Islander plane flies much lower it is still above the minimum altitude.

Speaking earlier in February when fresh complaints about the noisy aircraft first surfaced, an RAF spokesman said the description of the engine noise suggested the planes could be on a radar calibration exercise.

Bob Jenkins, who had forwarded several complaints to Mr Luff from people living in and around Powick, said he was “entirely satisfied” with the explanation.

Mr Luff said: “It is an inconvenience for people in the area but I think the need is clear.

“I’m grateful to the MOD for responding. It’s a bit more detail than I had expected.”

The number for MOD air complaints is 020 7218 6020 or alternatively people can send an e-mail to