Chesham United Football Club is aware of reports in the local Redditch press with regard to the abandoned match with Redditch United last year, in which the Chairman of Redditch United alleges that one of the reasons that the game could not continue was because Chesham United FC failed to provide sufficient protection for the match officials.

For the avoidance of doubt, Chesham United FC would like to make it abundantly clear that at no point did any fans have access to the changing room area at The Meadow, and any statement or insinuation to the contrary is entirely without foundation. Indeed, after the incident we received communication from the match official commending Chesham United FC on the stewarding of this unfortunate incident and the protection given to the referee and his assistants. As well as our own stewards members of the local constabulary were ensuring that access to the changing room area was completely controlled during their own investigations.

We are extremely disappointed that a fellow member of the football family should choose to attempt to sully the name of another club in this way, and feel obliged to set the record straight and express our absolute dismay, that someone is prepared to suggest that the reason the game was abandoned, when a Redditch United player struck the referee, was in anyway the fault of Chesham United Football Club.