Now Labour Councillors join residents in calling for Kevin Dicks to go

 BROMSGROVE Labour group has called for the resignation of Bromsgrove District Council’s chief executive in a damning report into the Marlbrook Tip site.

It comes some weeks after residents had a petition refused by the Council’s solicitors calling on Kevin Dicks to resign.

The council is heavily criticised in Labour’s Minority Scrutiny Report, which says alarm bells were ringing but the authority was “deaf and blind to what was happening”.

The report is a result of Labour councillors deciding not to take part in a investigation currently being carried out by the council’s overview and scrutiny group.

The report says the Labour group understood its leader, Councillor Peter McDonald, would be the task group’s chairman after this was agreed at a September meeting, with the group believing it would compromise the investigation if the group was chaired by a Conservative.

But after Coun McDonald was not made chairman, this led to the group carrying out its own scrutiny exercise.

The report contains interviews carried out with members of the Marlbrook Tip Monitoring Group, the council’s enforcement officer and an Environment Agency officer.

It states the council failed to closely scrutinise developer’s site reports, which the Labour group say contained “obvious errors in the figures”.

Chief Executive Kevin Dicks receives criticism, the Labour group stating he could not have checked these reports as he would have noticed errors.

The report goes on to recommend Mr Dicks should consider his position as confidence in his leadership has been permanently damaged.

Speaking to the Advertiser, following the report’s publication yesterday, (January 5), Coun McDonald said: “The council failed in its duties and responsibilities to the people.

“It is not personal, but at the end of the day, the person as the top has got to take responsibility.”

Bromsgrove District Council leader Roger Hollingworth described the report as worthless, and calls for the chief executive’s resignation as ludicrous.

“It is pure electioneering”, he said.

“The chief executive has turned Bromsgrove’s council into one of the best in the country.

“This is all about the Labour leader not being made task group chairman.”

In December, following the release of a draft report by the Worcestershire Internal Audit into the site, Mr Dicks said the authority would learn the lessons of what went wrong and why.

It has been thought by insiders at both Councils for sometime that Kevin Dicks lacks the Leadership skills needed for running the Councils.