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 Human Remains Found At Royal Estate


Human remains have been found in woodland on the Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate by a member of the public.

Detectives from Norfolk Constabulary launched an investigation after they were alerted to the discovery at Anmer, near King’s Lynn, on New Year’s Day.

The area was sealed off and a detailed search was being carried out tonight.

The force said in a statement: “Detectives from Norfolk Constabulary have launched an investigation following the discovery of human remains in an area of woodland at Anmer, near King’s Lynn.

“The remains were found by a member of the public who reported the incident to police on Sunday January 1 shortly after 4pm.

“The area has been sealed off and a detailed search is currently being carried out.”

Commander Peter Spindler, the Met Police's discipline chief, has insisted he is not letting corrupt officers off the hook

Commander Peter Spindler, the Met Police’s discipline chief, has insisted he is not letting corrupt officers off the hook

Police officers facing misconduct allegations are being allowed to escape punishment by quitting their forces.

Chiefs let more than 130 employees walk out at Scotland Yard over the past year instead of facing a misconduct panel.

The force sacked 43 officers over that same period, figures obtained by the Press Association show.

With police conduct under “unprecedented” scrutiny, Commander Peter Spindler, the Metropolitan Police’s discipline chief, insisted he was not letting corrupt officers off the hook. But Mr Spindler, head of the force’s directorate of professional standards, said in many cases “it’s actually more pragmatic to let them resign”.

Officers have been angered by a recent report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) claiming forces were failing to respond to “far too many” complaints about officers.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Heselden said he had been told “we should be making an example of them” instead of letting them resign.

But he said: “The process is slow, they are sitting there on taxpayers’ expense, secondly there’s no guarantee that a panel will come to that conclusion. It’s cheaper and quicker to get them out of the force. The objective is to get someone out (of) the organisation.”

Discipline officers have beefed up the internal investigation unit in recent months, moving into a centralised base in Earls Court. Officers say they now have “every power available” to beat corruption, including setting up stings on its own employees.

Across the country, more than 6,000 people were forced to appeal to the IPCC this year, 1,200 after complaints were ignored by police, according to Deborah Glass, of the police watchdog.

But Mr Spindler said: “Our main focus is that we have managed to reduce complaints by 9% over the 12-month rolling period. Ignore what the IPCC is saying because it is 10 months out of date. It’s been a lot of hard work to get here.”

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A Centre full of card, phone and down market pound stores named in top 20 shopping centres

I bet if you went with a list of 10 everyday  items you would be hard pressed to buy them here but REDDITCH’S Kingfisher Centre has bucked the national trend after being named as one of the top 20 shopping centres in the entire country.

It shows just how bad our town centres have become.

The centre has moved up to position 20, among the likes of the Manchester Arndale, the Bullring, Merryhill, Bluewater and The Trafford Centre.

The top 20 list has been compiled by Trevor Wood Associates, a leading independent provider of iformation on all retail and leisure schemes in the UK.

The company uses research based on footfall, size, relative attractiveness of shops and facilities available to rank the UK’s top shopping centres.

The Kingfisher, which measures 1,100,000 sq ft, scored 4,622 points, just 134 points behind nearest rival Telford Shopping Centre, in position 19.

A spokesman for Trevor Wood Associates said: “The Redditch Kingfisher Centre has bucked the national trend by moving up a place to number 20, this follows lettings to the like of B & M and Family Bargains.

“The Kingfisher is the only new entrant to the top 20, which saw all the other centres below Westfield Stratford City (London) drop a place.”

Over the last 12 months the Kingfisher Centre has seen an influx of new stores including B & M Bargains, 99p Store and a vast amount of temporary retailers taking up shop, which has meant the centre’s occupancy levels increasing and footfall most weeks through the year being up against the national average. This growth is set to continue in 2012, with interest in the old T J Hughes unit, with sit down food eateries.

Perminder Dhillon, the centre manager, said: “The interest in the old T J Hughes unit with a sit down food offer will inevitably increase footfall and add value to our existing food offer. “This will certainly help in increasing the centre’s profile in 2012 and most of all offer shoppers more choice when they are shopping with us.”