The cost of staff suspended on full pay in Midlands Councils
The first report in our Midlands Councils’ Spending Uncovered series revealed that millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money was spent on flights.
This second report exposes how much these same Local Authorities have spent paying the salaries of employees suspended on full pay.
Local Authorities have to ensure that investigations involving suspensions are not only dealt with properly, but also as quickly as possible. Long drawn out periods of suspension
are hugely expensive to taxpayers both in terms of salaries paid and also in legal fees.Our
report highlights the lengths of suspension and the total salary paid to employees
throughout councils in the Midlands since April 2009

Worcestershire County Council had 46 members of staff for a total of  3,858  days the average length of days was 84 at a total cost of £281,98 the council refused to say why it had suspended staff.

Redditch Borough Council  had 3 members of staff suspended for a total of 311 days and the average length of days was 104 at a total  cost of £25,465 Gross misconduct was the reason given for staff being suspended.

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