I was sent this by Independent Councillor David Suiter who’s Conservative Controlled Council wants to save £14,000 by shutting the toilets.

But Bizarrely the Council admit it wont save anything on employment costs on What is a relatively new building.

 Public toilets, funded by local councils, were introduced principally in the 19th century for the convenience of the public.

There can be few towns of any note in the UK that do not provide these facilities somewhere near their centre.

I consider that the alternative of toilets at The Hub is not convenient. The Hub is not in the immediate town centre and, for visitors and tourists, it is easy to go astray from Southgate or Market Place.

In addition, the Southgate route involves a path over private land (albeit with a permissive access) next to the Barge and Bottle.

The present toilets are in an ideal position, in a car park just off the town’s main street, with easy pedestrian access.

Elderly people and those with children particularly appreciate this situation.

If the toilets were to be closed, there would be capital loss for North Kesteven District Council on what is a relatively new building.

It is also quite possible that they would need to replaced in the future, as The Hub is not well placed or toilets large enough for the developing town envisaged in the Sleaford Masterplan.

I also note, somewhat surprisingly, that there would not be any saving in employee costs.

Surely a town that is proposing redevelopments of millions of pounds along with hundreds of thousands to be spent on its leisure centre (does the council need to be the provider of saunas and steam rooms?) can afford suitable public conveniences – previous generations not as rich as ours thought so!

If others agree that demolishing the toilets is a misguided policy, please write to or email the case officer in the planning department of North Kesteven District Council so that the planning committee might be aware of the strength of feeling in the ton on the issue.

A Petition has been set up on the Downing Street website.


Stop the closure of Money,s Yard public toilets in Sleaford Lincolnshire.

Many people lead restricted lives because they cannot rely on access to a public toilet in the places and at the times required.There are rarely sufficent toilets in our towns anyway. Please dont let the council close these public toilets Thank you


They’re flushing ‘Big Society’ down the toilet