A team of Council trouble shooters will be employed to help waste the £1Million funding

The following article was taken from the Redditch Standard Website.

ALMOST £1million has been made available to help disadvantaged families across Worcestershire and give children a better start in life.

Up to 70 families could benefit from the £900,000 the Government has made available from the Improving Futures Fund, while Worcestershire County Council has invested another £100,000.

Vestia Community Trust, working with the county council and The Worcestershire Partnership, will use the money to deliver a three year programme aimed at targeting families with multiple needs and ensuring children aged between five and ten-years-old are given the best chance possible to fulfil their potential.

Peter Mackenzie-Shaw, the council’s funding and resources manager, said: “The news could have been very different and we are delighted our hard work and persistence has eventually paid off. The result is a substantial amount of cash which will benefit a great number of families in the county.”

The news comes as the Government unveiled radical plans to transform the lives of troubled families.

It is estimated 900 families across Worcestershire and 805 across Warwickshire could benefit from the much-trumpeted move which will see ‘Trouble-Shooters’ appointed by local councils to oversee the right action is being taken in their area, families are getting help when needed, sanctions are put in place when necessary and results are being delivered.

The success of the scheme will by measured by the number of children returned to school, a reduction in criminal and anti-social behaviour, the number of parents back in work and a reduction in the amount of money taxpayers and councils spend on dealing with problem families, which nationally is estimated at £9billion per year.

Councils will now be asked to identify specific families which could benefit from support and will be given a share of a £450million to help them introduce the changes.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “This immense task will take new ways of thinking, committed local action, flexibility and perseverance. But I know too that it’s a task we can’t shirk. People in troubled families aren’t worthless or pre-programmed to fail. I won’t allow them to be written off.”

Rather than the Council hand the cash to Community groups already doing this work they plan to waste thousands of pounds employing trouble shooters.