A petition calling on Bromsgrove Councillor Peter Whittaker to resign has been rejected by Bromsgrove District Council.

The petition was submitted on the Councils website in the form of an E-petition.

But the Councils solicitor rejected it for legal reasons in an email the Councils solicitor said

I am writing to respond to the two suggestions you have put forward to be set up as e-petitions through the Council’s Petitions Scheme.
Can I start by explaining that the purpose of petitions under the scheme is to enable residents to raise local issues that are causing concern to their communities.  For example Council plans to change how a service is delivered or a problem that has arisen in a specific locality.  It was not intended that the petition scheme be used as a means to generate public views about specific named individuals or to seek endorsement of a particular proposed course of action that affects an individual personally.
Turning then to your two requests, I  am sorry to say that we are going to have to reject theses as e-petition proposals because they both relate to personal matters affecting named individuals, one of which is wholly outside the control of the Council ( Councillor Whittaker) and the other which relates to an employment issue.
We will be notifying you separately of this decision through the e-petition website but we thought it would be helpful for us to explain to you the reasons for the decision.
Yours sincerely
Sarah Sellers
Sarah Sellers
Senior Solicitor
Bromsgrove District Council
The Council House
Burcot Lane
B60 1AA

Councillor Whittaker has faced mounting pressure to resign after his arrest on November 20th after being involved in a three car smash in Feckenham.

A second E-petition calling on the joint Chief Executive of Bromsgrove and Redditch Councils Kevin Dicks too take a 20% pay cut was also rejected by the Councils Solicitor.