West Midlands Police Launch Festive Safety Campaign

Are people so stupid they need this advice if they do they shouldn’t be out anyway

WEST Midlands Police are launching a campaign this weekend, reminding people to take care on nights out and get home safely over the festive period.

As the party season gets into full swing, police are urging those who will be celebrating to drink responsibly and take extra care getting home. For many, a taxi is the only way of getting home at the end of the night, especially for those who have been drinking alcohol.

The campaign is being launched on Christmas Eve in Birmingham City Centre, where officers will be out in force and handing out postcards outside bars and nightclubs containing tips on how to stay safe.

Police will seek to engage with people enjoying a night on the tiles, reminding them to drink sensibly, to think about their own personal safety and plan their journey home.

Officers will also be targeting night time economy hot spots to engage with taxi drivers, ensuring they are complying with the conditions of their private hire licence and offering advice on their own personal safety.

In a bid to create longer lasting effects reaching beyond the Christmas period, as part of this campaign police will be working closely with licensees and door staff. It is hoped this approach will help them to identify those who are most vulnerable and raise awareness about the dangers of drinking excessively.

Officers will also be using social media to send out regular safety messages via the force’s Twitter account over the next couple of weeks.

Detective Sergeant Tony Parkes from Public Protection, said: “We want people who are heading out to parties and nights out over the next couple of weeks to enjoy themselves, but also to remain safe.

“A good way to stay safe is by looking out for your friends and sharing a journey home together at the end of the night.

“There will be many people needing a taxi to get home in and I urge them to take on board this personal safety advice.

“To help push these key safety messages, we will be using a number of tactics such as handing out postcards outside pubs and nightclubs, identifying vulnerable young people asking people to think about how they are going to get home.”

There are some very simple steps you can take to stay safe on nights out this summer;

• Order a taxi and make sure it’s licensed
• Always sit in the back seat of a taxi
• Share a taxi with a friend or someone you know
• Don’t leave any of your friends behind
• Never leave your drinks unattended