Woman impaled on spike after falling on ice

A Scottish woman had a lucky escape when she slipped on ice and was impaled between her chin and throat by a five-inch metal railing.

Youth worker Kirsty Scott, 23, is now recovering from emergency surgery after the accident took place at 9am on Monday near her home in Perth.

A trauma team was forced to free her from the railings using a hacksaw and she was rushed to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, with the spike still lodged in her neck.

Fortunately, the spike missed her arteries and bones and she is expected to make a full recovery following the 30-minute horrific ordeal.

Neighbours spoke of their horror to the ‘The Courier’ after witnessing Miss Scott impaled on the railings: “It was just before 9am and I heard a lot of commotion. “I went out and the woman was on her knees on the step — I initially thought she was just leaning over to speak to someone down below but realised how serious it was.
“Her boyfriend was there, and another woman, and they appeared to be helping so I just went in and called the ambulance.

“I didn’t think there was much else I could do because I’m not great with blood,” said neighbour Graeme Johnson.

Another neighbour said that she was screaming and couldn’t move herself.

A spokesman from Tayside Fire and Rescue Service described the operation to free stricken Miss Scott as ”delicate” but successful.