74,000 residents who contacted the council were 100% satisfied


RUDE drivers, mislaid forms and abusive bin men are among the complaints residents have made to Redditch Borough Council.

In one case a man was invoiced and received a telephone call demanding payment for his late father’s lifeline bill, even though they had returned the equipment and the bill was for after he had passed away.

In another case a woman and her partner were kept waiting for three hours in the Town Hall’s reception while applying for homelessness status.

They were among 45 complaints made to the council in the three months between July and September of which 22 were found to be justified. The examples were revealed in a report to councillors at an executive committee meeting last Tuesday (December 6).

Lynn Jones, the council’s customer services manager, said the complaints had several factors in common including failing to keep people informed, giving them the wrong information, delays in dealing with their complaint and not treating people with respect.

She added issues were being addressed through staff training while systems had been reviewed and changes made.

Coun Mike Braley, responsible for corporate management on the council, welcomed the report calling it ‘frank and honest’.

During the same period the council received 57 compliments, the majority of which related to friendly and helpful customer service.

The customer services centre has dealt with more than 74,000 face-to-face and telephone enquiries and more than 1,000 email queries since April. A survey found 100 per cent of people were satisfied with the service they received and 99 per cent of those who contacted the council by phone.

But shortly after the Redditch Standard posted the article on it’s facebook page residents were quick to complain about the Council with Diana Rathbone saying

“getting anything from the council takes endless phone calls, one person telling you one thing only to be told something different the next time you call but miss a weeks rent or dont pay your council tax on time and they are on to you straight away”

Mark Underwood “I personally had two bad experiences with the council. One, when I was made homeless after coming out of hospital and was treated with indifference and offered a ‘bad’ hostel in Birmingham. Another time when I went up to the youth house to see what was happening and was treated terribly by a hostile Gandy and her sidekick”

Vicky Morris Was Andrews” I have bin men who empty my bin and then throw their rubbish ( a drinks bottle)out of the lorry cabin onto the path outside my house!!!!! Morons”

Nikki Mullaney” The council are a joke the way they treat people when u call for any repairs to be done they put u on hold for ages fob you off with excuses saying its been done when they havent done it and maybe they think there better than everyone else but there not remember council workers we should be treated as you expect to be treated we are not scum or low lifes we are humans just like you!!!”

Jo ‘Tweet’ Fisher” Dont get me started. Long story short on housing list since last oct 10. Still dnt hav my own place. I hav a 8 mth old baby too luckly my sis had a spare room until baby come along as i thought i had sumwhere by then. And all they sed is i have to bid. And if need somewhere they put me in a hostle in kiddy until sumat came along… Good job my sis wuldnt let me. So over a year on. Still hav no luck at all.!!!.”