Just say No to a bowl of halal Kellogg’s  Corn Flakes

I have just learned — thanks to a reader — that Kellogg’s now includes a ‘halal certified’ logo on the side of its cereal boxes.

The company claims the move is ‘due to legislation for our multi-cultural society’. Apparently, ‘halal certified’ means the ingredients have been approved by a body called the Halal Food Authority as not containing any animal derivatives or alcohol.

For my part, I’m not sure I approve of the way that animals are killed ‘halal-style’ (with their throats cut and then bled to death, as prescribed by sharia law). If you agree with me, I suggest you need never buy Kellogg’s again.

Alternatively, you could, of course, write to Kellogg’s and ask the firm to produce two different types of cereal boxes — half ‘halal certified’ and half not.

Come to think of, since we are still a predominantly Christian country, perhaps they could produce their boxes with a cross on them.