Emma is a four year old girl who in February 2011 was diagnosed with HIGH RISK NEUROBLASTOMA, this is a rare form of CANCER that mainly affects children under five years old.

Emma has been undergoing aggressive treatment at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital since February 2011 the course of treatment ends in October, then she needs a further six months of immunotherapy. To have the best chance of survival Emma needs to have treatment in the U.S.A. the cost of this is in excess of  £210,000 depending on any extra treatment she may need, we are trying to raise the money by any means.

Emma needs to start her treatment in the USA by the 19th of November 2011. So, this is literally a race against the time! Please help us help her!

If you would like to help please donate, or organise a fundraising event to raise funds for Emma. Every little helps!!!!

Hi ,

So far we have rasied an amazing £148,553.03
Thank you so much for your support!
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