Former Redditch United  player Josh McKenzie may sue the club over what he calls a false press statement issued by the club.

Speaking last night

Josh said i didn’t punch the referee and i will be speaking to a Solicitor  soon over the statement the club put out.

 He said.

“I pushed him with the open palm of my hand” i didn’t punch him, i shouldn’t of done it  and regret the incident.

 But im not happy with what the club have said about me in the press and i don’t think I could play for them if they wanted me back.

Asked if he had  apologised .

 he said i wasn’t given the chance the club had already put out a statement saying i had punched the referee and i hadn’t he fell down(the ref) about 2 minutes after “i pushed him with the the open palm of my hand it wasn’t a punch”