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Occupy protests at Birmingham kick off

Protesters gathered in Birmingham today armed with tents, flasks and food. The day began with one tent in Victoria Square and has now been joined by three more as more and more people have gathered for the protest.

Speaking to some of the tent owners who were munching on donated onion bahjis, they said that they were staying for the “long haul.” When asked how long that they were planning on staying, those involved said that they would stay “until the message gets through. And could you get me some tuna?” Another protester said, “We will stay until they listen to us.”

The protesters seem to be realistic and logical as they have said “We don’t expect change to happen overnight, but we want to pave the way for change as change needs to happen.” One man has also complained that many people have come along to the protest with their own personal and emotional issues which clouds the overall aim of the occupy protests.

The protest aims to peacefully put across the message that society as it works today is not working for society.

The global occupy protests which have spread like wildfire since thousands, including Kanye West, protested on New York’s Wall Street. There are currently protests all over the UK, check on Twitter and Facebook to see how and where you can get involved. The occupy Birmingham protest will continue tomorrow in Victoria Square.

The protest in Victoria square is yet to gain any media coverage.

Former Redditch United  player Josh McKenzie may sue the club over what he calls a false press statement issued by the club.

Speaking last night

Josh said i didn’t punch the referee and i will be speaking to a Solicitor  soon over the statement the club put out.

 He said.

“I pushed him with the open palm of my hand” i didn’t punch him, i shouldn’t of done it  and regret the incident.

 But im not happy with what the club have said about me in the press and i don’t think I could play for them if they wanted me back.

Asked if he had  apologised .

 he said i wasn’t given the chance the club had already put out a statement saying i had punched the referee and i hadn’t he fell down(the ref) about 2 minutes after “i pushed him with the the open palm of my hand it wasn’t a punch”