Redditch cancel player’s registration for hitting referee

Redditch United have cancelled the registration of Josh
McKenzie after he struck a referee, leading to the abandonment of their match
against Chesham United.

The player, who had scored two goals in his last
two games, reacted badly to conceding a penalty.
The club said he hit the
official, who immediately ended the Southern Premier Division
McKenzie was arrested and cautioned at the local police
Redditch said on their website they were “outraged” by the
Chairman Chris Swan said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. The referee
stood there for a second and then he just went down.
“It was just
astounding. We had to get Josh off as quickly as possible and get him into the
changing rooms because he was obviously very heated.”
There’s just no way
that he’ll have anything to do with Redditch United ever again

Chris Swan
Redditch United chairman

The game
was called off with Chesham leading 1-0 and Swan had no qualms with the
“I’ll go with whatever the referee says,” Swan added. “If the
referee wanted to carry on playing or to abandon it, that’s his call.
fairness, he had been through what must have been a very traumatic
“He [McKenzie] was not on the team bus going back. I’ve just been
to the police station to drop off some money so he can get home. But that’s it.

“There’s just no way that he will have anything to do with Redditch United
ever again.”
A statement on the club’s website said: “We pride ourselves on
fair play and will not tolerate this kind of behaviour. The team has worked very
hard over the past few weeks and we will not let this one individual tarnish the
reputation of our much-loved club.”

 Redditch player Josh McKenzie punched the
referee after a penalty was awarded against him at Chesham United. Redditch have
now torn up his contract.
But the player disputes punching the referee he said “i pushed him with the open palm of my hand i didn’t punch him”
 These are false statements in the press and im not happy, i regret the incident but i didn’t punch him.
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