Above is a facebook group that has been set up byRob Hitchmough
Let’s get the Songs of Praise episode that is to be broadcast on Sunday 6th November 2011 to be the most complained
about television programme ever.
Please help by getting as many people as possible to join the group.
Rob Hitchmough.
The BBC Complaints email link is:
… Or you can complain by telephone on 03700 100 222
(Choose your own reason for complaining – ‘It was just a bit silly,’ will do fine.)
In case anyone is wondering, it’s really about our constitutional right to cause offence. Though I’m a devout atheist I don’t for one second resent the fact that a miniscule proportion of my television licence fee goes towards its funding. Enough people like it to keep it on the telly and that’s fine.
No one in their right mind should really be offended by Songs of Praise but I’m having a gentle dig at people who are offended by programmes they didn’t see, an example being Jerry Springer the Opera.